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Video : Paul Labonte and/or Paul 107

I’m super excited about this video. It’s my first real video shoot and edit. Paul just wrapped up his new book, ready to be released. You might have encountered some of his previous work either on my blog or on the notorious shelves at Reed Space. With help from Johnny F Kim, and audio assist from Scott, I think we pulled off an awesome result. The book is called : Photographs inspired by the rap music that once inspired me.

Books arrived today. It’s my fourth. It’s already available at the Sometimes/Desfois shop. This one is a book of photo’s. The photo’s I showed at the 381 projects gallery space in the spring of 2008. Last month the people at Anteism Publishing asked me if I wanted to do a small print project with the shots. I agreed to it and Conor Virtue (my long time cohort) agreed to lay it out. Jacob Gavin had curated that 381 Projects show. The idea behind his show was to get creatives who work in and around the music industry to make art based on the music they actually listen to. The music that inspires them. The music that plays when they work. Rap music moves me. Painting pictures with words over sped up soul loops and big drums inspires me. Anybody who has spent any amount of time with me over the 20 years knows that I speak in rap quotes a lot of the time. It’s like the OHHLA site is uploaded to my brain. Hindsight I should have called the book Lose it when dudes think it’s just music. I have this love hate thing with rap. I feel like I spent 25 years of my life trying to justify it’s merits to people and I’m tired now.

Little Chairs full of books

I found these photos I took at Reed Space from my NY trip. Thought I’d post them, not like most of you haven’t seen or been before, but I personally love seeing Shop Photos; the art of merchandising isn’t something to be overlooked. The people at Reed Space have a knack for making garments on a shelf look…better, for lack of a better description.