“The amount of times I’ve actually heard a girl say “I WISH THEY MADE THIS FOR GIRLS” when looking at boys’ clothes goes beyond memory. From that quote, I’ve begun a little Photo Series project with some of the most gorgeous women in my life. Done right, the series should have that inexplicable umph most guys feel when waking up and seeing a girl in his t-shirt and boxers. Dressed in my clothes, they will, one by one be featured on the blog.”

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Stef Shirt by Supreme / T-Shirt by Heroine / Shorts by Engineered Garments

These are outtakes from an exclusive shoot I did for AskMen. View the full article on their App.


Dime MTL

DIME tuesday sesh. Peep the homies’ blog. We’re gonna kill it this year.

Triple Aught Design

Had the opportunity to visit the TAD HQ in the Dogpatch of SF. Some pics of the workspace hidden behind the retail front. Lots of character and impressively equipped for building a garment from conception phase to final product. Thanks to Mike from TAD for the tour.

War Hammers

More in this video: How To Write An Essay

Par cachecache

San Francisco

Had the opportunity to visit San Francisco last week thanks to the folks at MAAS & STACKS. You’ll be seeing some lookbook shots popping up soon enough! On my trip, I got to visit AKQA, the agency my buddy Jeremy works at and even got to chime in on a new project they’re working on! Here are some random shots I took on my first few days, more stills coming down the line.. Big big thanks to J, stephen, otto & mimi for the trip.

Also peep the instagram (onandbeyond) for more candid snaps of my trip!

Ringleaders in NYC

We headed to NYC this weekend for a couple of football-filled celebratory days. It started off with an afternoon at the Red Bull Arena on Saturday. We drank and ate in the Red Bull lounge while watching Thierry Henry score a hat trick against our beloved Montreal Impact, all courtesy of our good friend Dan at Red Bull. It was coincidentally Chinatown Soccer Club‘s 10th year anniversary and we were invited to play in a friendly sunday scrimmage with them; here are some shots. Shoutouts to Chester, Dan, Coach Stochl & Angelo for an unforgettable weekend. “No Pity”

Magpul Iphone Case – GIVEAWAY

I received an email from Nick at Magpul last week. They really liked the shots I had taken of my Magpul Executive Field case. A week later today, a box showed up at the stoops with a dozen of these bad boys. Follow me on instagram, like and drop a message on the magpul instaphoto with your 3 favorite colors (orange,army green, gray, tan, black, pink), ill raffle these out later next week! instagram username: onandbeyond