Feature : Rebel Archives

I was presented to Tommy Rebel a few years back. I got to stay in The Brooklyn Basement for the first time (hopefully not the last) because he is a close friend of my home girl Maura.

First and foremost, he hates blogs. It didn”t roll off the tongue as swiftly as I”d hope, when it came time to ask for some pictures of what most of us would consider a gold mine or a museum of sort. *sigh of relief when he said yes*. Upon entrance, one is quickly acquainted by a hand-painted “Brooklyn Basements” type across the window of the main entry point. A star spangled banner gives us a hint of what we are to expect: a collection (understatement) of the most iconic American street fashion rarities, from Nike”s to Danner boots, and RRL to Carhartt.

Tommy Rebel isn”t the typical collector, he knows more than you would expect, in fact, a 30 minute conversation that”s mostly one-sided is worthy of a 30 day lesson. He paints the big picture in 3 words (undisclosed information), but one of those “you had to be there” instances. All I can say is that a stay in the Brooklyn Basement is much more than anyone can vouch for when visiting America”s melting pot.

Thank you, Tommy for the amazing experience.